全国一律:600円(税込)で配送いたします。但し、北海道:800円(税込) 沖縄県:1,200円(税込)で配送いたします。

  "We ship overseas"
Please read the information below to know about overseas delivery. 
We support our customers in both Japanese and English. 
Customer-support in English is only held by mails.
If you call us for customer-support in English, sorry that we can't provide you with enough support.
Therefore, please send mails if you want to contact us in English. 
Email address for inquiries is【info@iceclimber.net
  【For overseas delivery, we use EMS.】
The delivery cost has been determined by the weight of the ordered product and included in the total bill. 
It will guide you again we calculate the shipping after receiving the order. 
※"Free shipping【送料無料】" is only available for orders delivered to address in Japan. 
※The delivery cost has been determined by the weight of the ordered product and included in the total bill. 
Please note that in rare occasions slight discrepancies in calculation of the delivery cost might occur. 
In such occassions, you will recieve a notification mail from us with the neccessary adjustments stated. 
Thank you for understanding. 
※Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when the shipment reaches your country.
If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery person or the customs office. 
Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details. 

【Return / exchange】
 Please understand that we can not accept cancellation for overseas orders. We cannot accept any return/exchange on overseas orders. We will charge the above amount from your credit card after receiving the confirmation email and proceed with the shipping method. ※ If you wish to cancel the order, then please contact us by e-mail to us before contact approval of the total amount. In advance, Please check carefully the size and color of the order product  ask that you please email If you have any questions.



What's New

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To Foreign customer We started mail order to overseas.
Payment : PAYPAL  Delivery : EMSCustomers abroad are tax free.
Order E-mail info@iceclimber.net
Best regards.


Notice of introduction of special EMS charges for the US and resumption of EMS underwriting
From June 1, 2021 (Tuesday), we will introduce a special surcharge equivalent to the surcharge for EMS transportation to Zone 2 (Oceania, North America / Central America, Middle East, Europe) for the time being. 



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